About us:

Gene Giraffe Project is a 501(c)(3) public charity devoted to raising awareness, advancing cures through research, and raising funds for rare and inherited diseased families and children. 

We offer support and financial assistance to rare and inherited diseased families. We offer assistance for families who have to endure long hospital visits via family members with rare and inherited diseases. We offer specialized care packages that are devoted to the needs and wanted of the rare/inherited diseased kid. The project also provides toys and/or goodies to hospitals for children who have to endure doctor's and other visits. 

Gene Giraffe Project is inspired by Ava Passow, a 3 year old girl diagnosed with GM1-Gangliosidosis, and the various families we have encountered in her short journey through life. 

Our funding comes from various private donors, public grants, and fundraisers such as golf tournaments, family events, and special events throughout the year.